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AnswerWeb addresses the natural tendency to take questions to colleagues. People in search of an answer can simply type-in their question on AnswerWeb. The system delivers the question to one or more colleagues who have the specific experience or expertise to answer it, whoever and wherever they are.

AnswerWeb knowledge management system

  • Creates an infrastructure and culture for knowledge sharing
  • Provides employees with practical answers to specific questions
  • Unlocks the implicit knowledge of employees
  • Optimises the re-use of exchanged knowledge
  • Identifies knowledge needs and knowledge gaps
  • Stimulates the use of intranets/extranets
  • Makes knowledge exchange measurable
  • Most existing Knowledge Management systems are based on documents - explicit knowledge. Research has shown however that most of the valuable knowledge is 'in the heads' of individual employees - implicit knowledge. By unlocking this implicit knowledge, organisations benefit from this otherwise hard to get human capital. Decisions and projects can be made more efficient with fewer mistakes.

    The AnswerWeb system facilitates and stimulates the exchange of implicit knowledge in an attractive manner. The formerly hidden knowledge becomes available to the entire organisation.

    Practical answers

    AnswerWeb addresses the natural tendency to take questions and knowledge requests to colleagues rather than to document retrieval systems. Direct answers from peers are more valuable than heaps of information. With AnswerWeb, people in search of an answer can simply type-in their question on the intra- or extranet. The system delivers the question to one or more colleagues who have the specific experience or expertise to answer it, whoever and wherever they are. Through automatic e-mail notifications of questions and answers, people return to AnswerWeb on a regular basis. In this way knowledge sharing and the use of the system are stimulated without human intervention. All questions and answers are stored in a central knowledge database, thereby the exchanged information and experiences become available as explicit, ready-to-use knowledge for other colleagues.

    Continuous insight in quality

    The quality of the knowledge database is ensured by people rating the answers they receive. The ratings are used as input for an advanced ranking system. This system provides real-time insight in the level of user satisfaction about the obtained information and the quality of the delivered knowledge, both on an individual and aggregated level.

    Engaging solution

    AnswerWeb provides an attractive environment for both knowledge seekers and knowledge providers. In many other Knowledge Management systems the knowledge provider has to create documents which might never be used at all. With AnswerWeb people deliver knowledge by answering specific questions, and by answering a question it is obvious that people are actually helping a colleague. To further stimulate the answering of questions, knowledge providers receive personalised e-mail notifications about the rating of their answers. The exchange of answers and feedback inspires networking between colleagues and fosters a culture of knowledge sharing.

    In control and efficient

    Every employee has a personal page with an overview of all his/her questions, answers and pending questions, combined with other relevant personal information. This 'dashboard' also holds a list of the registered experiences - or knowledge categories. Adding new experience or making changes to personal information is easy. People can also manage their own interaction load, by indicating the maximum number of questions they wish to receive in a certain period of time.

    Growth and re-use of knowledge

    Through questions and answers new/recent knowledge is continually added to the system, and more knowledge stays within the organisation when people leave the company. After the implementation of AnswerWeb, the initial focus is on knowledge exchange through questions and answers. More and more, the growing knowledge database provides ready-to-use answers, optimising the re-use of knowledge further and further. The system only re-directs questions to colleagues when the knowledge database does not have a solution to the problem at hand. Thus preventing employees from receiving the same question twice.

    Transparent reporting

    A management module offers a clear insight in key user statistics e.g. the number of questions and answers, the quality of the answers and the response time. These statistics can be viewed for certain periods of time, certain user groups, etc. Reports on the number of questions and searches within specific knowledge categories, identify the subjects with the largest demand, illustrating for which categories it pays to invest in further knowledge documentation. Furthermore the system easily identifies employees who have relevant experience and can make useful contributions when creating FAQ's, 'best practices' and other knowledge documentation.

    Easy content management

    Content management can be done using the same management module as the reporting. New knowledge categories are easily added and lists are available to monitor questions and answers (content). Content managers can label questions and answers determining whether or not they appear in search results, ensuring that knowledge seekers only find the most relevant information. Personal profiles and e-mail notifications can be customized.

    Implementation, advice and support

    Before the actual installation of AnswerWeb, a quick scan is conducted and a plan is put together to maximise the ROI. After that our technical team implements the system with the desired look & feel. Special wishes can be met efficiently. Following a proven step-by-step approach the AnswerWeb solution is introduced within the organisation. With the management module, organisations can run, monitor and operate the system by themselves. Naturally the experts of AnswerWeb are always available for advice and support, even after the implementation.

    Fast ROI

    • Low up-front investments, rapid deployment
    • Increases productivity
    • Unlocks hard to get knowledge and experience from employee's minds which otherwise would not be used, leading to: better decisions, more efficiency, fewer mistakes
    • Saves documentation costs: only document information on relevant subjects that people ask questions about in their daily practice

    For whom is AnswerWeb a valuable tool?

    AnswerWeb is valuable for organisations that meet one or more of the following characteristics. The more characteristics are met, the more your organisation will benefit from the AnswerWeb solution.

    • Much of the company's knowledge is inside employee's heads
    • Knowledge exchange mainly takes place between direct colleagues or people who happen to know each other
    • There is more knowledge and experience within the organisation than people often realise
    • The wheel is re-invented too often, while relevant knowledge is available within the organisation
    • Employees want to 'get' knowledge, but there should be a more positive attitude towards knowledge 'sharing'
    • When employees leave, too little of their knowledge remains within the organisation
    • We do have a Knowledge Management system, but it is not widely used:
      • The information it contains is not practical enough
      • It is not attractive to use
      • People tend to 'forget' to use it
    • We do have an intranet but it is used too little
    • It is not clear which subjects have a major knowledge need, we do not know for which subjects it pays to invest in knowledge documents.

    Features of the system

    • Easy-to-use web interface
    • Can be implemented as a stand-alone solution, integration with other (back-office) systems is not necessary, yet possible
    • Implementation on the company's intranet/extranet (license), or provided as an ASP-service on the internet with secured access for employees, customers, suppliers, members, etc.
    • Customizeable look & feel
    • Low up-front investments, no need for prior documentation of knowledge
    • Little (content) management is required, both before and after the implementation

    Please contact us to discuss the possibilities of the AnswerWeb system for your company.

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