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Raise the conversion on your website. Viewers become buyers by better service at lower costs. Questions of visitors are answered by other visitors.

AnwerWeb customer interaction system

The AnswerWeb system for online customer interaction adds a "Question & Answer" functionality to your website. It enables and stimulates your visitors in an attractive way to exchange user experiences with each other. The system works autonomously, no interference is needed on your part. It uses personalised automatic e-mail notifications, which increases the number of returning visits.

The system increases the leverage on website visits, is cost effective and easy to use. Both content and look & feel are customisable to fit your demands. No technical integration with other parts of your website is required, the system functions on a stand-alone basis. Depending on your wishes it can be deployed in as little as 1 to 3 weeks. Both before and after implementation the system requires little time and effort from your side.

Additional revenues

  • Stimulates on- and offline sales: personal answers and unbiased encouragement from peers create a high conversion rate
  • Get more information from your visitors, including e-mail addresses and interests. Use these for marketing purposes like personalised newsletters and targeted e-mail campaigns
  • Get more visitors and more valuable repeat traffic

More for less

  • Cut editorial costs because of user generated and highly relevant content
  • Save money on your help desk and customer care: questions are answered by your users
  • Autonomously generated market information about customer satisfaction and detailed insight in their buying motives

Strategic benefits

  • Offer a more useful website for your visitors: a high service level and customer satisfaction because visitors get specific answers
  • Create a stronger affection between your website and your customers
  • Build a loyal, state-of-the-art, online community

Unique, valuable interactivity

The system facilitates valuable exchange of information between your visitors. This is for the benefit of your customers, but also for your own organisation, because it generates valuable market information about your customers. At the same time it increases your customer satisfaction and puts you ahead of competition.

Increase revenues

The system stimulates your sales because of the extra, detailed product orientation possibilities. Peers support your (potential) customers. This is one of the major benefits of the Internet - empowering the exchange of information between equals across geographic boundaries. The reliability of the information from peers creates a high conversion - more visitors become buyers.

Valuable content, low costs

Webpages may have the data, but people have the answers. A useful answer to a specific question makes long online searches obsolete. The system not only allows people to ask questions but it also lets them find answers in a knowledge base of available questions and answers. The creation of self-growing content reduces editorial spending and saves time, both for your visitors and for your organisation.

A powerful "repeat visit" generator

As a result of the way the customer interaction system works, visitors are drawn back to your site on a regular basis. Every question automatically generates a personalised e-mail notification and at least two returning visitors: the person who provides the answer and the person who reads the answer. More likely a question generates more returning visits. The question can be sent to several people at the same time.

Get to know your visitors better

AnswerWeb gives you more insight into the characteristics of the people who visit your website. They not only enter their e-mail address but also leave behind demographic information and their interests.

Real time market information

The exchange of information between users generates real time market information: How satisfied are customers with your products or services? Why do they purchase your products? Why do they hesitate to buy? What are trends? etc. The system enables you to gain first hand knowledge and insight into why they buy your products or services, without the need for additional market research.

Active system stimulates usage

AnswerWeb goes beyond other possibilities for interactivity on websites, like chat and forums:

  • Questions are send to people who have agreed to answer questions about specific products, services and topics. Asking a question on a forum or in a chat box leaves too much to chance
  • The active system enables highly specialised discussion subjects rather than the generalised categories of passive forums
  • The system actively provides high attention to each question: at an adjustable interval automatic e-mail reminders are sent out to stimulate people (owners) to answer pending questions
  • No dead-ends or non-responses

Efficient customer care, create a community

Your users (owners) answer questions. This takes away pressure from your helpdesk, and saves costs. Users become more loyal and involved with your website and your company. The attractive interactivity and the availability of useful questions and answers create a valuable and up-to-date knowledge-based community for your customers.

Facts & Figures

  • Over 85% of the questions are answered
  • 77% of all answers are rated "perfect-excellent"
  • Owners answer questions with a positive critical attitude: 84% of the owners have very positive experiences, 11% is neutral
  • 13% of the questions are answered within the hour, 38% within 12 hours and 52% within a day

Services provided by AnswerWeb

The AnswerWeb customer interaction tool is offered as an ASP service. This means we take care of all the technical support and monitoring. You do not have to train people from your organisation or familiarise yourself with manuals, etc. We do it for you.

The system, its interface and the way dialogues are facilitated have been optimised based on our knowledge and experience with the online exchange of information between people. You can profit from our knowledge, now and in the future (free updates).

Also, you do not start with an empty system. We offer you a jumpstart. Right from the start the system on your website contains relevant owners and Q&A's. You won't have the "chicken and egg problem" of an empty community, we have already solved that for you.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities of the customer interaction system for your company.

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