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By unlocking implicit knowledge, organisations can profit from knowledge that otherwise would remain unused.

About AnswerWeb

AnswerWeb provides the technology and the expertise to enable cost-effective knowledge exchange on public websites and Intranets. We serve a growing number of large- and medium-sized companies that want to create value with online interaction and seek an easy-to-use and rapid-to-deploy solution.


Up to 80 percent of all knowledge and experience within an organisation is implicit. We believe that there is a market for this knowledge in any organisation. Not a fully transparent and efficient market, but a clear situation of supply and demand, each with their limitations. AnswerWeb enables you to create and use this market. Demand is leading here because of the sheer volume of the supply.


Answerweb is a registered product of Textinfo. Since 1994 Textinfo is specialist in the area of information retrieval and storage of knowledge. We supply products and services which vary from dedicated archive applications to dynamic knowledge portals.

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